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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Contact lens care

Many of us choose to wear contact lenses these days rather than glasses, this is mainly due to the fact that many of us have a hectic working and social life and keeping an eye on your glasses at all times, or trying to stop them falling loose whilst running to and from the next meeting, can be near impossible!

Also certain activities will not allow us to wear glasses, such as an intense gym session, swimming or running.  In any one of the above circumstances wearing contact lenses is so much easier, not only will you be able to see clearly, you won’t be running the risk of losing or breaking an expensive pair of glasses.

Most people nowadays choose to wear daily contact lenses, which means you have a new lens for each day rather than washing the lenses every evening.  This is thought of as a safer and more hygienic option and allows the wearer to simply toss the worn pair away and open up a new packet the next day!

Wearing contact lenses also means the user won’t run the risk of forgetting to take her or his glasses to work and therefore squinting all day without them, which will not only cause discomfort but also headaches.

You should talk to your eye doctor or optician before choosing between throwaway contact lenses or soft contact lenses.  Both offer a similar solution and a good alternative to wearing glasses on a daily basis, however the soft lenses do require the user to take a great deal of care of their lenses in order to prevent eye infections or irritation.  The lenses should be inserted into a cleansing solution every evening and over night in order to keep them intact and in good condition.

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