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Saturday, January 14, 2012

News about Alzheimer Desease and Addictions

I dedicated some time to the news and feed readers today and here are the notices I fished there.

First and maybe most important notice is that it's possible to diagnose very early the Alzheimer desease, precisely. Scientists from Darmstadt discovered a protein that settles on the mucous of the nose. All the persons with different degrees of Alzheimer had this protein in their noses. Let's say it: we all are afraid to develop aging illnesses such as Alzheimer desease and other aging problems. That is why all the notices about new results of the researches seem so interesting to me.

The other notice is about the brains of the young persons that developed dependence from Internet. Chinese scientists discovered that these persons have the same brain malfunctions as the drug addicted. The affected parts are emotions, selfcontrol and capacity to take decisions.

By the way. If  you have solid nervous system, you can watch these two documentaries about the surgery departments of the hospitals that cure drug addicted after they assume Desomorphin. The films are in Russian but you do not need translation to understand the images.
And the images are really violent.

The problem with this medicine is that it causes necrosis of the parts that are far from the place where it was injected. The second film -if you will be able to watch it- shows the man and the woman during the first visit and the second after 2,5 weeks and some months.

ATTENTION! Very HARD documentaries!

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