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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Defend Against Complainers

Complainers are very popular. Many of us practice it from time to time. Others do not understand that they complain all their life unceasingly. I do not blame this behavior because it's difficult to avoid it when one feels bad. Even if little by little complaining becomes the way to live.

This is and was the theme of different researches. Complainers not only damage their own brain with continuous complains, they damage all those who lives and happens near them even if for a short time. Everybody knows the bad feeling we have near such persons. We can't help often. And they don't want to receive help. Their brain is just in that terrible state.

Once I wanted to help one girl who complained the betrayal of her husband. I felt sorry and thought, I had to listen to her. A kind of psychoanalyst gratis. Imagine, I listened to her for different months hours and hours every day from the morning - every time she could find me by phone. After it I could not continue this way and told her she had not to phone me more. Well, some days after it, one friend told me, that girl speaks everywhere bad about me...

So, I turn back to the researches. They proved that the negative thinking of other persons and continuous complaints create negative thinking and behavior in our own brains. And this is the reason why we have to avoid complainers as much as possible. 

As I wrote in my previous posts about the stress remedies, we have to avoid negativities as much as possible, first. 
Then, we have to control our reactions when something happens in our lives.
Finally, we have to create positive exposure for our brains as frequently as possible.

Шарик, не ходи туда!!! Это образное выражение!

Смотреть ещё!

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