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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Healing Qualities of Puerh Tea

Tea is my favorite drink. 17 years I live in Italy where all the population is coffee addicted. I did not find similar coffee in other countries. Even the bars where there were the same Italian coffee machines were not able to make coffee so as it's made here. I want to say that I understand the difference of Italian and precisely Neapolitan coffee... But I love tea.

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You want to know the why-s? It's easy. Tea is the drink of the long lasting conversation in a good company. It's impossible to drink tea for hours and speak with the persons you don't like. Coffee is different. Italians do not drink their coffee with calm. How is it possible to enjoy your beverage for hours if you have only some drops in your cup? So, they come, drink and go. I was surprised by this strange behavior of my friends when I came here, in Italy! I began to ask them: I do not understand, you came to me only to drink this cup of coffee??? Don't you have 1 euro to pay it in the bar?

Well, all this is not to discuss tea or coffee. Those are only my thoughts about the differences in behavior and customs.

Do you like to make tea with the bags? No, I rarely use them and only because it's difficult to find good tea here, where I live. But the tea distribution companies offer interesting varieties in the last time. White tea, Jasmine tea, tea with spices, red tea... etc etc. One of these teas is Puerh tea. I purchased one box with bags once. But I did not appreciate it.

Now, I found the possibility to buy Puerh tea directly in a manufacture in Yunnan province in China. And - I learned it's a healing tea. Now, those who drink Puerh tea for long time have next benefits:

  • it lovers blood fat
  • it's used for weight lose
  • the blood pressure becomes normal
  • it cures cholesterol and lipod levels better than medicines (proved)
  • improves digestion  ...and more.
Ehhh... yes, I ordered so much of this tea I could allow. Now, I have to learn the right ways of brewing it and... have great patience. Who knows how much time it will travel from China... and what will happen when the Italian border officers will see it...

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