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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Su Jok: Right Way To Find The Point

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There is a great interest in the world for this technique -Su Jok, Korean hand and foot acupuncture.

I just wrote about this technique here, in this post "Su Jok Therapy -Special Points To Heal Pain" and it is one of the most read posts of this blog, you know. There are videos and links in that post, so I want only to add some rules of it today.

In 2 years that passed from the time of that my post the net is now full of information, videos, courses, exlanations how we can learn this therapy. I'm not a specialist, I only explore the world of the alternative techniqures. That is why I do not pretend to be a guru. The advises I write here are from an old book I have in my library. That is why, I think, it could be precious.

If you want to use this technique yourself you have to be very careful and exact. You have to identify precisely the point and use right method of stimulating.

First of all find the point approximately. Than point it very lightly with a point of a pensil or something similar. The point you are looking for is very painful. To understand it you have to touch the place very lightly. If you will point it with power, all the place will be painful and you will never find the right place.

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