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Friday, April 8, 2011

Lapacho: We Continue the Cure

Чай ЛапачоLapacho is an Argentinian tree that has many useful for the health properties. I just wrote about it in my post ( Useful to Prevent, Delay, or Treat Cancer -Lapacho ) where I told you about it's marvelous -if we want to believe to the written sources- capacities to cure even Leucaemia (I read about the clinics in Brasil where the patients are treated with Lapacho).

I told you that we -my husband and me- began to assume a cup (250 ml) of tea every day. I prepare 1 tea-spoon for 500 ml of water every day and we drink it about half an hour before the lunch. We do it for 1 month and than we have 1 week off. This way, we continue from January and now will have the 3-d week-off.

About the results.
The first result we had just after one month, I think, was that the hair and nails grow fast and are more hard. Generally, we feel more toned.
I have less problems with digestion ( I had always sick eating fast every food in the last period).

About a week ago began suddenly a very bewildering increase in weight. Both, we added 5 kg in 1 week (it's strange that both the same number). I was just overveight and this is a great tragedy for me.
Is it the demonstration of the wrong diet?
Or have we to interrupt the treatment?
I've read that the treatment with Lapacho has to continue AT LEAST 6 month.


  1. I have not heard of this plant but it would nice to have a cup or two of the tea. Mmm...mmm

  2. I do not know if it would be an interesting experience. Personally, I don't feel any taste... But the nails and the hair became really much better.

  3. Thank you, Gary, for your very precious advises.
    I normally use the formula 1 month of cure (for any herb I use) -1 week of break. I red about the Lapacho that it's necessary to assume it for at least 6 months to have visible resaults.

    By the way, I have a question and can't find the answer: is it possible to assume Lapacho one/ some hours after the preparation?

    For example: I prepare the drink in the morning. Can I drink it in the evening?
    For the normal teas, they say, it's not good. How about Lapacho?