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Monday, July 25, 2011

Cactus is a Medicinal Plant

Кактусы Цветут

Medicinal plants are very popular in our world now. If you like natural therapy, you probably use all the plants that grow not too far from your house (well, relatively far -not all have ecological and clean areas just behind the door, as I have). But there is one plant I've never thought it could be used as medicinal.

I have some interesting flowers now in the yard this week.

Yes, cactuses. Simple and so good known plants that ... are used as officinal plants, too.

Did you know it? Well, I did not. Enjoying these flowers this morning, I thought: who knows, there are maybe native for the places where cactuses grow nations that know their curative properties. And I undertook a little research in internet.

:-))) You will laugh maybe, but the traditional medicine that uses cactuses to cure some deseases is ...the Chinese traditional medicine (I thought, cactuses grow in Mexico and in deserts). And it knows about the properties of the cactuses from the times of the Qin Dynasty that means from about III century bC.

They say, cactuses help to relax, they calm pains, cure digestion's problems and much more.

But the other quality is most important for our life, I think: cactuses are able to absorb the radiation. Nobody knows how they do it. But the needles of cactuses can neutralize bad ions of sun, of TVs, computers, cells etc. That is why you can read often that you have to place cactuses near and over your devices.

Кактусы Цветут

Кактусы Цветут

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