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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Benefits of Olive Oil for Alzheimer’s Disease

Many surveys prove that what we are afraid of today are different mental problems, and Alzheimer’s Disease occupies one of the first places in the list of our fears. The last newsletter about the recent events brought me the notice that scientists found a very effective substance that will help in the cure of this terrible problem of aging.

In 1998, the team from Philadelphia wrote they understood how the bad elements work: they block the nerves, turn they out, and the person does not remember anything more.

Now, in October, the same team published the results of their last discovery that tells about the benefits of the main substance of the olive oil: it changes the structure of the toxic elements that act in the brain and do not allow them cause damages for our memory.

Well, before the scientists invent a new medicine maybe we have to use olive oil in our diet -in everyday salads, for example.

This is my article of some years ago How We Make Olive Oil

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