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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sugar Addiction

There is something wrong in our lifestyle if most persons in our culture are obese. Italy was still normal till some years ago but suffers obesity now, too. It's terrible to see entire classes of buys and girls who at the age of 13 years are 100 kg heavy. Suffers... Maybe, suffer is not the right word. In any case, the problem is known to everybody and I've just wrote about it many times in this blog.

What is relatively new in the notice I read this morning is the classification of the problem "I love sweeties and can't renounce on them" as sugar addiction and it's positioning in the same row with drug addiction and alcohol addiction. With -as conseguence- necessity of psychical therapies. These therapies are so effective (they say) that can cure you in only one working day.

I do not understand: why is this problem still so important???? We are only some milliards.


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