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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Healing Benefits of a Thangka

Thangka Painting is a old fashioned art that developed between the 7th and 12th centuries in Nepal and Tibet. Displayed on cloth and placed in silk brocade, images of divinities and mandalas are more than just a a thing of beauty. Thangka is an item of faithfulness, a help to religious practice, and a base of blessings for every person who owns it.

Thangka painting is totally ruled by strict iconographic principles. From the canvas research and painting of the chosen topic, to combining and using colors, designing with gold and installing the completed work in a brocade. The creation of a thangka requires ability and attention on every phase and shows specific points the thangka painter has to know and to highlight when he works.

Benefits of a Thangka

 Thangkas are thought to generate beneficial impacts in the environment where they are exposed. Their amazing colors and forms help the mind to arise and stimulate awareness.

Their pictures activate functions of visual images and feed the heart of the persons in spite is the person a believer or not. So, looking at a thangka is by itself a beneficial action.

For those who practice meditation, meditating on such objects can help to reach an understanding of particular types of awareness a specific image is dedicated to.

One more purpose for commissioning a thangka is that they can bring good health, prosperity or long life to you. (Bon Thangkas)

How to ordine a Thangka

If you dream to have a thangka in your house, you can order it easily today. A monk, who received his diploma from the hands of one of the oldest Yungdrung Bon Masters, Yongdzin Lopon Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche, will paint and send you a thangka you desire. Examples, prices and direct contact with the painter are on the page of my Yungdrung Bon Blog


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