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Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Way to Heal Negative Emotions

Goddess Sherab Chamma  is almost certainly the earliest Goddess which is even now adored widely nowadays.  She is Mother Creator of all beings, symbolizing the timeless life force that energizes allexistence, the Mother who speacks to all Her children. She is the Goddess of Mercy and Her strenght is compassion, because She understands every suffering and that is why She is an infinite source of love and compassion in the hearts of all us, humans.

 Sherab Chamma represents the women talents of patience and compassion, the capacity to survive on stressful and even horrific instances, hard moments in the eveeryday life, and is the source of support and security.

Sherab Chamma  is a sky Goddess, too. It's interesting that Dakinis, female divinities, are seen as Sky Dancers  in Tibet. What a romantic picture!

Sherab Chamma is one of the various manifestations of Bon female deity. There are different forms for every single existence event.

With this in mind, call this Goddess, recite He mantra, to assist your search if enlightenment and continue on the way forward feeling it full of brilliance and light.
It is a method to help all the creatures, too. Reciting this mantra invokes the guide of Buddhas of the six realms and their sources.

As a result their enlightened power will move off our negative emotions and positive, pure, and virtuous characteristics like love, generosity, wisdom, openness, peacefulness and compassion raise in us. Reciting this mantra allows us to be connected with them and strengthen these qualities that are present in our souls.

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