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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dzogchen Practice Meetings in Nocera Superiore

Buddhism is always popular in all the European countries and even Sud Italy that stands out of all others for it's traditionalism succumbs more and more on Buddhism's fashion. No, the persons do not look for other religions etc. They only look for the ways to survive on the difficulties of the crises. Well, what I can say you: it's always better -as for me- to change religion, for example, than to suicide, don't you think? There were really many persons who chose it from the beginning of the crisis in Italy.

This autumn I knew that there are different persons interested in Buddhism teachings in the region I live and they asked me to have courses of preparation for the spring teachings of our Master. I did not want to do it, first. I prefer to practice individually, and I did not want to be obliged to arrive at the same time every week. but than I accepted it to have a new group and the teachings in my zone.

We have to begin next week. And here is the brochure about the meditation together

There are many quotes about the Dzogchen meditation, I wrote about it in this blog, too. If you are interested to know more, you can read about it in Bonpedia, for example.

I will surely not teach anybody. I only want to have my personal meditation practice some more scheduled, not so casual as it is in the last period.

Wish me success with this courses!

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