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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Natural Diet for Irritated Intestine

Irritated Intestine is a sad reality for many thousands of persons. If not most of us. Colitis, gastritis accompany our stressed, worried and always-in-hurry life. One day we have to pass to the "next step" - rigorous diet. Nothing to do. It's impossible to live with all those medicines. Everybody understands it today.

So, what to eat?
Every non-irritating food boiled or backed.
Nothing cold.
And drinks. Fortunately, both tea and coffee are allowed. But the very best is the dog rose. Chamomile  is good, too. Nothing carbonated.
Potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, squash and beet. No cabbages -even boiled.
Boiled beef and soups with beef tea. No veal (for hormones).

"Natural medicine". Because other remedies do not work... even for short periods.

Apples - among the fruits. Those -boiled or backed. Nothing fresh.

What a terrible life!!!!!

I wanted to share my recipe of backed apples. Very easy and sweet.

Take a deep oven dish. Put there apples without their central part. You can do it with the simple knife. Cut from one and than from the other part.

Put inside what you like to eat. Quark, or marmalade or what you want.
I like raisins, little grains of hazelnuts. Just to give some more taste.

By the way. This is the knife for squashes. It's good for apples, too.

some sugar if you use acid apples

cover the oven dish...

and put it in the oven. 240°C and 10 minutes are perfect. More than 10 are good, too. The apples will open.  The rind will crack.

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