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Friday, April 12, 2013

"The Nomadic Sacrifice", a New Book about Chod

One of my dear friends, Martino Nicoletti, published an other book about very interesting and very popular in Europe by Buddhism and Yungdrung Bon followers practice, chod. I'm happy to present it here because I know it is priceless for those who are interested in Tibetan culture, nomadic cultures generally, and for all practitioners.

Here is the announce about the publishing of the book:
Published in these days the book by Martino Nicoletti: The Nomadic Sacrifice: the Chöd Pilgrimage among the Bönpo of Dolpo (Western Nepal), Kathmandu, Vajra Publication, 2013. In the heart of the Himalayas, some officiants belonging to Tibet’s ancient religion, Bön, undertake a long ritual pilgrimage through wild and inhospitable terrain inhabited by mountain gods, genii, demons and the restless souls of the dead. Using instruments fashioned from human bone, the officiants evoke the presence of invisible beings in order to celebrate the symbolic sacrifice of their own body (chöd) which is offered as to the spirits as food during a singular ritual banquette. Texts, diary excerpts, images and an unedited short film shot by the author retell this archaic ritual steeped in spiritual meaning. Also included is a previously unpublished translation of the sacred ritual text The Secret Wisdom Dākinī (Khandro Sangba Yeshe) by Geshe Gelek Jinpa. This publication is enriched by a DVD containing a short film by the author and a liturgical chant performed by the monks of the bönpo monastery Triten Norbutse in Nepal
 Link to the demo of the video:

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