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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lemon and Other Energizing Drinks

Is the lack of energy your problem? It's surely mine. What do you do to solve this problem? Overdose of caffee? I just can't even think about caffee. It's smell provokes cramps in my body. I began to hate it, confess...

They say, the problems are different: we need more Vit B-s, our liver and kidneys are full of all kinds of toxins and can't work normally, all our organs do not receive enough oxigen for these and other reasons...

What can help us? Natural food.
Fermented drinks like teas, kvass etc.
Honey+ royal jelly+propolis
The weight loss drink I told about in my previous post
black tea
and pure 1 lemon juice. If you prefer, you can use honey to feel better taste in your mouth after you drink it.

What do you prefer? I use all of these and those are good solutions. The only problem is they are not ultimate ones. Maybe, it's necessary think about cleansing of liever and kidneys?

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