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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Colourtherapy for Future Mum

I don't know why I do not believe in colourtherapy and that is why I rarely write about it. This time, reading about the news in the alternative medicine, I found an interesting article describing a test how you can control your state of soul and correct it with the colourtherapy. It seemed interesting enough and I decided to tell you about it.

First of all, some words about the history of my (low) curiosity towards this branch of the alternative medicine.

One of the teachers of the school I worked in took from the cources for teachers a test where it was possible to understand the psychological state of a pupil and to have the possibility to correct it observing the colors he prefers. We all (teachers) played this new game, and it was about choosing colors you like in different situations.

In the last years I heard much about the colourtherapy: many vendors sell furnitures and bathes that will heal you while you observe the color. Well, can it be real that you heal the deseases (psychological mostly) you pumpered for years taking bath in the water colored with lamps of different colors? As a support of your meditation to clean 5 elements -maybe. I don't know.

Now, the article I read tells you can govern a person changing his/ her feeling, energy level, working capacities etc. observing colors. It is very important for future mum that is responsable for the health of her future child. If you can create positive feelings in your soul, your body produces positive hormonal changes that make positive changes in the baby.

So, what can you do.

1 -paint an image using color pencils or what you have. Any image. Your future child, something abstract, a flower -anything.

If you are interested -do it now and read the post only after you finished your artwork.

_Мандала детская
«_Мандала детская» на Яндекс.Фотках

Now, when you finished, observe your painting and notice what is/ are the dominating color/s
Red is for very lively and courageous persons. But they are egoists too.
Yellow is for independent and explorers but sometimes they are irresponsible
Green is for the women that feel pregnancy as an illness. The child can feel himself left by his mother and needs her great love.
Orange is for those "red-yellow". They can be happy but begin to cry one moment later.
Azure is for those who like freedom and changes.
Rose like those calm and womanly
Lilac is for those who lives inside own internal world.
All these last 3 are fragile, week and shy.
Blue is for women that need relax. Children are steady, like to read, to speak about phylosophy and even can be ready to sacrifice themselves to a case. They do more than they take.
Violet is for sensitive, artistic persons. They need a loved one near them to tell them about their feelings.
Sea-wave (green-blue) for exhaustion. They are afraid to make an error, to leave something, to listen critics.
Grey is very bad for a future mum. They do not see anything good in the life and in the future. They feel themself isolated, morally tired. Children are silent, shy and solitary.
Brown is for those mums that feel discomfort.
Black is very rare in pregnant women. Most of them use it in the first part of the pregnancy when they are afraid of the changes or are very stressed. Children have very difficult characters.

It's a game, my dears, don't take it too seriously. But...

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