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Monday, October 10, 2011

Thoughts about Prostate Cancer

What are the most frequent cancer types?
According to the National Cancer Institute, the most frequent is Prostate Cancer. The second has to be Breast Cancer. If you do not read the sites and do not look at the lists, you can notice that these numbers are correct because people speak about THESE types of cancer that happen to their relatives and friends more frequently -even if it's so easy to control the state of own health to prevent them, today.

About a week ago, my friend wrote me about her mother that began to claim pain in the breast. When she was operated, they found cancer in the state that is unpossible to cure. WHY did she not control her breast when every mass media crys about this possibility just for years?

A cousin came to visit my husband today and told him that he, knowing that there are different cases of prostate cancer in the family, goes for controls every year now (he is about 55). Prostate cancer is so easy to diagnose when it is at the beginning! Why do not control it after 45 years?

I asked different friends if they control their health regularly. Do you know what they said me? They have not time for it. They have not time to cure themselves if they will find something. They prefere to die suddenly.
These are the results of my "survey".

We live in the modern society. There is not a shame to check the health. Everybody knows that there are breasts and there are prostates. Death from Cancer is terrible. Only animals have the fortune to be put down. Humans have to live all the terrible pains till the end. Why we do not think about it BEFORE it's too late?

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