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Monday, December 12, 2011

Depression and the Lack of the Essentials

Depression is a very hard desease. I think, you will agree with this definition. Therer is not a reason to feel bad but the life becomes impossible. You can't do anything, you don't find a place where you can forget about this state, you "sleep" all the day and don't sleep in the night. Your body shows the signs of the bad state, too. Your hairs fall like the leaves in autumn, your nails go to pieces...

Some researches proved that all this depend from the ...lack of the Vitamin D.

The problem is that it's not enough to assume vitamins in tabs. We need half an hour (at least) of exposure to the sun every day. The right form of Vit.D can be created only by sun in our bodies. We can eat handfuls of tabs every day but they don't work without sun. Unfortunatelly. 
A study of 1282 elderly residents in the Netherlands found increased depression among people whose serum levels of vitamin D were below 25 (OH), with severity of depression dramatically increased as D levels decreased.
According to the Vitamin D Council several factors impact how much D is produced: 
  • Angle of sun’s rays.  If your shadow is longer than you are tall, little vitamin D is being made.
  • Skin color.  People with fair skin have less melanin to protect against sun damage and need only 15 minutes of exposure, while those with dark skin need up to six times longer.
  • Amount of skin exposed.  Forty percent of a body’s surface should be exposed.  Torso exposure produces the most D; legs and arms a little; hands and face almost none.
  • Age slows production, taking four times longer for people over 60 and under 20.
  • Sunscreens as low as 8 block up to 95% of vitamin D production.
  • Cloud cover and air pollution can reflect or absorb UVB.
  • Glass blocks all UVB.
The way to combine sun and an other remedy to cure depression, physical exercises, is to walk at least 30 minutes every day. Specially, it's valid for aged and obese persons.

Than. There are Omega 3 fats. Those are essential for our brains, too. I don't want to repeat the things you know just. I want only to tell you about the new researches' results.
Magnetic resonance imaging has shown depressed people have stiffer cell membranes
And this essential substance we can find in natural products like Fish Oils. These do not work without sun exposion, too.
(quotes are from the books of Gracelyn Guyol  sent me in a mail by her promoter probably)

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