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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Prove: Yoga Maintains our Bodies Young!

I'm sure that you have seen videos with the guru (real guru) of yoga that demonstrate their puples what is possible to do with our bodies. There are videos of Iyengar, Krisnamacharya and others.

This video is very special not for the exercices that is able to do Swami Yogananda at 101 years. It is amazing but we expect something like this from our precious Teachers.

What is really Marvelous? Do you know? Watch this video once more. Pay attention on the state of the skin of Swami Yogananda. He is very thin, yes, but look at his muskles. Specially those under the arms. We have it flabby just at about 40 -45 years, no? And his neck?

Well, you got the idea. Yoga helps us to have young skin till advanced age. To have the skin of the neck young, too. Is it not the dream of every woman?

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