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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Raw Food Diet

Бурачник Borago officinális

Raw food... maybe, I'm not informed about it but I have to admit that I knew nothing before I read this article today.

Do you eat raw aliments? Well, salads, fruits... What else? Ah, I eat medical herbs I pick up in our soil when I go for a walk in the morning, in spring. And I make juices from them, too.

Who knows, maybe raw food could be the right solution to loose weight.

They say, fibers are very useful for intestine, they clean it and all the body, too. And the skin becomes young and beautiful, naturally.

Do you know what is my problem? I can't live without meat, sugar and fat. I'm able to eat 250 g of butter without anything. Only butter. I add 2-3 kg after that, I even feel bad some time later, but I can't resist on the tentation to eat it.

Raw food is not for everybody -those who has allergies, pancreatitis etc have not to experiment with raw vegetables because they can irritate the intestine. But in my case it is not so serious and I want to try, sincerely.
I'm not convinced, because I know that the vegetables sold in the shops grow often in not clean places. But, to be honest, where you can find clean ambience today? Only on my hill, where I live. And it will not be too natural because there paesants use very hard toxins to grow anything. And vegetables you grow personally in your garden will be contaminated, anyway.

Well, I will begin my diet immediately. I go to squeeze a lemon.

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  1. Liudmila I am personally in favour of herbal dry foods but your eating style of meat and butter is surprising me!!!We also eat some dry herbal plant's leaves. WISHING YOU BEST OF LUCK TO FIND A MEDICINAL PLANT AND BE SLIM

  2. :0))) I'm very happy to meet you here once more, Debasis, it's a great pleasure to stay in touch with the friends! And I feel you as a friend after so many years of blogging-friendship.

    I hope, you and your family feel all good and the things go the right way! :-) And I have a great wish to "see" you often here.

    I begin my raw food diet from this evening and will try to eliminate all the fats.