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Monday, March 19, 2012

Costa Rica, a great yoga destination

Exhale deeply and open your eyes to find yourself at peace next to the calming waves of the Pacific or the relaxing blue waters of the Atlantic, or possibly you are atop a mountain surrounded by the natural wildlife sounds of the jungle.  
If this sounds like your most recent yoga experience then you are most likely in Costa Rica.
Costa Rica has quickly become one of the world’s top yoga destinations and it isn’t hard to see why. Many yoga retreats/resorts have opened in this magnificent country filled with beautiful beaches, abundant wildlife, majestic mountains and even active volcanos! Costa Rica offers a great balance of convenience and nature so let’s get to it and talk about some of Costa Rica’s most visited yoga destinations.
Nosara is a pleasant beach town located in the Guanacaste Province. The breaking waves make a wonderful soundtrack to you morning yoga session.  Just down the road is the Ostional wildlife reserve, here you may have a few tiny visitors scurry past you as you free your mind and body as it is one of the world’s best places to see newborn sea turtles! Being in Guanacaste this region is also Costa Rica’s driest, giving you 5 months of pure sun from December to June and less rainfall throughout the rest of the year then other parts of the country.
Located on the southern coast of the Nicoya Peninsula, Montezuma is known as a very magical place. Something about it draws people here time and time again, as is also said with Sedona, Arizona. Montezuma’s beach is amazing and you will surely want to spend most of your time on its sands, but if after your routine you feel like getting your adrenaline pumping try walking up stream to the waterfalls where cliff-diving is the pastime.
Central Highlands
Costa Rica’s Central Highlands are vastly different then its coastal regions. In destinations like Alajuela and Cartago the cool mountains air is a delight as colorful parrots and other wonders surround you with a presence of naturalism. These destinations offer great mountains and valley views from high altitudes that are truly awe inspiring. Going through your routine of poses high in these hills is an incredibly calming experience.
Costa Rica also offers tons of other great yoga destinations, so explore some yourself! Never forget sometimes getting slightly lost is the best way to discover new experiences and beauty!

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