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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Some Healthy Exercises to Do Near Computer

This year I worked with many persons who come here, in Italy for business or in vacation. All of them were so thin that it seemed to me they would be able to hide themselves behind a rod. Since I continue to add kilos day by day and there is nothing what could stop this tendency, I could not understand how is it possible to arrive at this enviable result. Than, I noticed that they were able to walk with me without any break for hours and, listening to them, I understood, they do not eat any sweeties at all. "Now, -said one mother to her boys,- you can eat an ice-cream this evening!" Oh my dear, I thought, it's terrible!!!

Well, she, this mother, is surely right. There are so many fat children today! I agree with some researchers that our passion for sugar, this constant desire to eat something sweet, became a dependence. Specially, we, women, working at the computer (which -what an odd coincidence!- is situating not too far from the pc) can't renounce on some visits in the kitchen...

Aaaahhhhh... Yes, I hate my thighs and my hanging abdomen. So, I began a new life from yesterday. Now, I have a little but very useful program installed in my pc. This program is an alarm. I installed it for 25 minutes of work and 60 seconds of break. I have a carpet here, nearby, and have a list of exercises to do in one of my sites. Fitness exercises for slim belly

From the other side, I subscribed a special psychological newsletter to fight my sugar dependence. I still did not receive any mail from this program but, I hope, they will arrive and I'll be able to tell you about them sortly. And here is one more exercise I do not have on the page I mentioned earlier.

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