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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Benefits Of Weight Loss in My Life

Weight loss... Do you know how long I dreamed about it? Some of you will say after reading this words: Oh, another woman that has nothing to do! No, you are not right, when you judge all this way. Excessive weight is something invalidating you if your body has not accustomed to it from the childhood. It's true, when we begin to add weight, we probably do not understand fully what is happening. When it was with me, I was not alarmed even when I had to change the pants and buy them bigger than those I took before. And you have to think, I'm a woman, and a woman that looks at her reflection in the mirror.

When I began to notice the difference, all my thoughts began to whirl about the idea of the weight loss. I hated the fat on the sides of my body. I could not make my normal yoga asanas, every movement needed more efforts, I was always tired. I decided it's the high time to begin to control myself. My first steps were low carb diet and more movement. The problem is I pass a good part of my time for my PC, and my husband needs a crane to drag me out to normal life.

Today I lost half of the weight I would like to lose. I feel young, I like to feel my body, I like when other women glance at me. Probably I look so as I feel myself. Can something donate more satisfaction? And this happiness is created only by control of the diet.

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