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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Healing Drink -Liquor China China Pisanti

As you know, I visited a tasting of wines produced on the slopes of Vesuvius on March, 25 (more posts will follow in my new blog "The Marvelous World of Travel") where I learned different interesting persons. One of them, Signor Aldo (unfortunatelly, I didn't ask his last name) from the company China China Pisanti told me about the liquor produced by them. Signor Aldo was so gracious to offer me this liquor to taste it.

Бальзам со склонов Везувия

Well, I have to explain you that I came in the hotel where the manifestation took place different hours earlier, at 13:00, invited by one of the organizers, and had just go home some minutes before the official tasting began (at 17:00). So, signor Aldo and some other manifacturers ("Sole e Terra Del Vesuvio", I'll tell you in one of the next posts) allowed me to taste their products ... illegaly ;-)))

Бальзам со склонов Везувия

What about the taste... You know, it was great. Such a bouquet of herbs and other natural components! I'm not a specialist of the wines and drinks, you know, but I use herbal remedies in my everyday life. So, I know the tastes of the herbs. You can believe me, it was a symphony of the flavours.

Бальзам со склонов Везувия

What I think about this and similar liquors (because it seems there are similar products in different nations and many in different parts of Italy) as a healing remediy:

>because the key components of this liquor are different medical herbs etc (china, anise, cinnamon, cloves, mint, sage, elder, fennel -I have to listen to the record of what Signor Aldo told me, but I think, he spoke about 25 herbs etc.), and you can feel it tasting,
>because it is produced from the pure natural products

... for these reasons it has to be a valid healing remedy.

Did you know, they say (I heard it many times), it is necessary to drink 50 g of such a drink every day to have good health? Now I'm sure about it.

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