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Monday, April 2, 2012

Cat is Not a Defective Dog!!!!

I saw this picture a moment ago in my Facebook friends updates. I like it very much so that I thought it matches with the spirit of this blog. The difference is not a diseas. We have not to cure the difference. We have not to think every creation of the God that is different from us is defective.

I immediatelly thought about it because there are too many examples in everyday life when everybody of us does not recognize other persons as the same creation of the God. Very often, I am the object of this intolerance, too. Because I'm Russian -Happy Being it.

Saturday, the local hospital was full of wounded young men who could not accept the difference of other socer funs. They were all Italians but Italians from different regions...

And if we, "healthy" (are we really healthy????), do not accept the difference of other "healthy" persons, how can we accept the difference of autistic persons?

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