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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hystory repeats. Burma

Normally I prefere to live with my head hidden in the sand to not think about the terrible things that happen in the world, in my country. I always try to avoid querrel's situations because they can't help and change nothing.

What can you do with faked-up votes?
With persons that believe these companies for dummies?
Those that believe politicans filling their pokets with dummie's money?

I think nothing.

But the pacific buddhist monks think in other way. They act.
My buddhist-friends from ILTK (Pomaia,Italy) sent me e-mail appeals and photos, but I was silent. Only yesterday when I saw that photo I posted here, I remembered the monks are doing the same today. They protest, they know, they will be tortured, but they act. Are we able to do this?

Monks confined in a room with their own excrement for days, people beaten just for being bystanders at a demonstration, a young woman too traumatised to speak, and screams in the night as Rangoon's residents hear their neighbours being taken away.(The Indipendant)

Monks are highly respected figures in Burmese society, and treating protesting monks in the same way they might treat dissidents and ordinary citizens risks provoking huge public anger, he adds. (

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