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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Read hair loss product's reviews online

We like our hairs, it's a powerful attraction for many men and women. We like to caress hairs of persons and animals we love. Imagin flowing hair of a girl... For some nations hairs were a symbol to prove that the man was never threw down in the fight.

Do you know that a hair has a long life? From 2 to 6 years. And each grows approximately 1 cm per month.
Some hair fall out normally each day. But from time to time we have excessive (more than normal) hair loss. Why can it happen?

There are different causes. It's normal in spring and in autumn. But it can happen after an illness or a major surgery, if you have hormonal problems or in women after they had a baby, some diseases and infections can cause hair loss too.

If you have this problem or want to prevent it and look for specific products, go to This site posts reviews of different products. In this case they present you the best and more popular hair loss products like provillus that creates the optimum environment for healthy hairs. You can read reviews written by customers like you and make the best choise.
Than you can post YOUR opinion about products you use and/or vote it.


  1. Here are some interesting facts about hair
    * We produce around 1km of hair per month
    * There are on average 100,000 hairs on our heads
    * About 50-100 hairs are shed everyday
    * Hair that is shed takes 3-5 years to replace
    * At least 25% of hair must be shed before we notice the hair loss
    * Abnormal shedding is when the hair clogs up the shower drain or you see clumps of hair on the pillow

  2. Thank you. It's all new for me. I begin to look in other way on my hair...