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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Music and chakras

Very interesting discovery (for me ) today. In one forum where I happend accidentally there was a discussion about chakras and there I found this info: not only colours are bounded to our chakras, but the sounds of musical instruments too. The site page has this great name "Body music" and there I wanted to steel this table

C Octave Next Cycle

B "Si" Crown MM/Silence Violet/White

A "La" Third Eye OM Purple

G "Sol" Throat HAM Blue

F "Fa" Heart YAM Green

E "Mi" Stomach RAM Yellow

D "Re" Gonads VAM Orange

C "Do" Base LAM Red

So pratically they say that we can turn our body as a musical instrument. And the chakras "music" is "Lam Vam Ram Yam Ham Om (mm or silence)"

Think of yourself as a walking flute, with seven light
bulbs on you, making music as you go.

Very romantic, no?
No, I know about connection between chakras and sounds, but in the practices I do, we don't change tone of the sound. We chant A in the same mode as OM ecc. And the sillables are not bounded with the same chakra forever. One practice uses A in the crown chakra, for example, other practice uses OM for the same chakra. I don't know why, I think it's not important for me.

As example you can listen to the teaching of Tenzin Wangial Rinpoche

When I read that information, I thought that it could be interesting to bound sounds with mudras of my previous post.

And another thought from today experience I find interesting (I didn't know about it):
Every chakra has petals (this you can find in every kundalini-manual), every petal has it's Sanskrit letter. If the yogi knows the problem of the body and knows what energies can help, he can create from those letters personalized mantra. Chanting this mantra is possible to resolve the problem using specific sounds.

One more quotation from this site I like very much
We are not humans having spiritual experiences
we are spirit having human experiences
Great thought.


  1. You know,Zubli, I had a strange experience in the last time. I like very much some arias from "Notre Dame de Paris" ( Belle, Le Temps des Cathedrales) and adore the voices of the men that song there.(to see all two you can see this my page in the bottom there are videos)
    I adore this music and this voices. But. When I listen to this adorable music and voices I collapse in the profond depression. I can't explain to me this strange reaction...

    I have to see those names you mentioned in your comment. Unfortunately I don't know them.

    And then,I think, the most nice and perfect tone for our body is maybe OUR voice?

  2. Our voice, Liudmila, is true to a certain extend. True whence one self develops such voice. In addition to being flexible in embracing variations. Most people who are not here at this level, shall be wise to begin with music. In the case of listening to a particular music and encountering a condition, such as sorrow, these means this individual must step by step transform and align all Chakras to the overall right tune. Balance and harmony.

  3. So,you say,if tones provoke thistype of reaction it has to be the sign to work with own energy?