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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Natural Weight Loss

There was an interview with a joung man in Italian TV some time ago. The yung man found an interesting job in a scientific center in US after he finished the university in Italy where he lived till that period. He went in US and began to get havier and havier every month till one day he understood, it's unpossible to continue this way because his weight was just over 100 kg. It happend so, that he turned back in Italy for 3-4 months -and here his weight become nearer to normal.

The same problem I see have my friends that transfered to NY. They had normal weight but now all the family is very fat. I asked them what could be the reason. They told me, they eat not only too caloric foods, they use much fat like butter etc when they eat. Bread with butter, eggs with butter etc. If we remember than that they work with computers and do not walk even if they have to cross Central Park to reach their office...

It's clear, we can't change our style of life easily. When I read or hear advises to pass to completely different healthy life, I think that the person that wrote or said this seems to be too idealistic. Such changes are difficult if possible. Our style of life is adoptation to our conditions. We will never do it if it was not necessary. We want to be healthy, slim. But we have out job, we have our hour for lunch. I found an interesting article Shopping for less fatty food when we go to supermarkets with realistic look at this problem. We have not change all our life, we have not become unhappy for the diets and unpossibility to follow them. It's enough to choose right products when we go in the supermarket. Among the similar products you can always foun one without additives, with less fat, with less calories etc. It's enough to be simply conscious about what you are buying.

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