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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"The Creator’s art " Jin Shin Jyutsu

It's marvellouse to surf bloggers communities, meet new friends and learn new things.
Rose, the journalist and the author of blog The Land of Spa ( dedicated first of all to spas but were you can find many other things to read and learn) made me a great gift today.
She introduced me to the world of

Jin Shin Jyutsu
in this her post
where there are links to the foundators site too. Rose visited the group and writes about her personal experience and, I hope, will continue her story for others like me, that can learn about it only through experiences of internet friends.
I like energetical theories of creation and our existance. If you've read my post Think about Cosmic to improve your life you know what i tell you about. The video there is really great.

So I wanted to learn what I can about this Teaching while waiting that Rose writes other her experiences in materia.

I found this very nice, romantic article
It is believed that God created human being out of his own energy,
and while he was connected closely with Him, he was fit and healthy.
Slowly, as man began to get self-involved, he left the sanctuary of the spirit.
The balance of energy thus got disturbed and resultant blocks caused innumerable disease.

Gentle holding of specific points in specific patterns assists the release of energy
blockages in the meridians, simultaneously healing it.

I met there an other interesting person, Janine, and in her site ,dedicated to this healing art, I learned more about blocks:
However, when the body’s energetic system becomes blocked,
then the physical body starts to feel the effect,
leading to health problems which could manifest as physical,
emotional or mental symptoms.

Interesting is this point: Fear, according to Jiromurai, is the cause of all disease. Why is it so interesting for me? Because I think in the same way. I abserved my and others emotions and behaviour and decided that we are moved by great fear. I wrote about it (in my blog Diary) too.

The practitioner first “listens” to the pulse by holding both wrists.
This indicates which areas of the body are weak and need balancing
Breath is very important in Jin Shin Jyutsu.

I think it's similar to the tibetan medicine that makes great use of pulse hearing ecc.
This theme I think I have to continue in the next posts.


  1. Well, I like this article. You are being very sensitive.
    It is true that christian culture is usually concentrating on the preaching instead on the listening. When these two things are not in proportion - for example too much just plain preaching - the 'power' through the hearing gets lost and becomes vain babble.

  2. You think it's really so? Oh,seems,I neglect the meditation too much... I like to feel "contact" and am sad if it's not enough in my life... Maybe for this neglection...

    Norbekov writes so:
    When we pray God listens to us, when we meditate, we listen to God.